Petzl Introduces First-Ever Headlamp for Children

Petzl, a very well known brand in outdoor lighting and verticality products introduces the Petzl TIKKID Headlamp: a fun, brightly colored headlamp for children.

“Parents will appreciate this new headlamp for children as its battery compartment is tamper-proof and it has an automatic shut-off,” said Ben Eaton, marketing manager for Petzl. “Ever child should be able to explore, even in the dark.”

With a wide 20-lumen beam that offers comfortable vision while protecting young eyes, the TIKKID is Petzl’s first headlamp designed for children. It can be used for reading or playing, inside or outside the house.

Petzl TIKKID Headlamp

The compact headlamp has three lighting modes; low mode, which is ideal for reading; high mode, for everyday activities; and white blinking mode, for long-distance visibility.

The Petzl TIKKID is a hybrid headlamp. It comes with three standard batteries, but also is compatible with the Petzl CORE, a high-capacity Lithium-Ion 1250 mAh rechargeable battery that guarantees high-performance lighting. To keep the batteries from dying quickly, the TIKKID automatically shuts off after one hour.

The Petzl TIKKID headlamp costs $24.95 USD and is available in January 2018. For more information, please visit




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