Runderwear Launches New Running Bra

Runderwear – the award-winning seamless running underwear brands – is adding a third running bra to its popular line, offering the widest size range and best support yet, in keeping with its core ethos of bringing more inclusivity and diversity into the sport. The highly anticipated Easy-On Support Bra is now available and will retail for $70.

Runderwear Running Bra
The Runderwear Running Bra is designed to offer Maximum Support and Minimal Bounce thanks to high front coverage, moulded cups, wide shoulder straps and the highly-supportive under band.

The Easy-On Support Bra is poised to make a major impact on the industry thanks to using traditional bra sizing rather than the generic small, medium, large sizing common in the industry. The combination of this and the wide size range guarantees the most precise fit possible, which is critical to better performance while training, especially in the larger sizes.

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To address another common issue with these products – as the product’s name suggests – Runderwear developed the two-clip closure system to make the bra much easier to put on than traditional systems. This is especially beneficial in the larger sizes where donning a running bra can be quite difficult. Major features if the Runderwear Running Bra include:

  • Easy access thanks to the fully opening back with two hook & eye fastenings which adjust to 3 positions. It is incredibly easy to get on, no matter what your bust size.
  • Maximum Support and Minimal Bounce thanks to high front coverage, moulded cups, wide shoulder straps and the highly-supportive under band.
  • Customized Fit thanks to the wide, adjustable straps and under band
  • Molded Wire-Free Cups created using high grade super-soft fabric for long lasting support and comfort plus nipple protection.
  • Lower Side Panels around the armpits to prevent rubbing and chafing.
  • Moisture-Wicking Fabric which is lightweight, label-free and designed to effectively wick sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry and chafe-free.
  • Highly Breathable using high performance moisture-wicking fabric, ensuring core temperature is always optimized.

The new bra sizes will start at 28D and go all the way up to 40H, among the widest size range available on the market. And it’s that higher end that will truly make this product stand out: Runners in the higher numbers/cup sizes have few, if any, options in legitimate fitness-oriented bras, and the Easy-On promises to solve that problem.

Runderwear has made its name by addressing voids in the running and fitness markets, and the new bra is no exception. “As runners ourselves, and highly active in the running community, Runderwear wants everybody – and every body – to be able to run comfortably. We saw a need in the market for a wider range of running bra sizes and better support, especially at the higher end of the spectrum, so we quickly went to work developing a remedy. Literally years of R&D later, the Easy-On Support Bra is now ready to hit the market. This is how we develop all our products,” says co-founder Jamie Smalley.

“We’ve tested this bra extensively on serious runners in every size we offer, right up to 40H, and the feedback is clear: nothing else on the market offers this much support and size range in such a comfortable, easy-to-put-on package.”

Combined with the already available Running Support Bra – slightly less-supportive and aimed at runners with smaller cup sizes – Runderwear will now have support bras in sizes ranging from 28A through 40H. Rounding out their selection is the Low-Impact Crop Top for petite runners or lower-impact fitness activities. All are available online, and will soon be in select specialty retailers in key US markets.



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