Summer Solstice Ride with Eric Porter and Seth’s Bike Hacks

Join Professional Mountain Biker Eric Porter and Seth of Seth’s Bike Hacks for an epic Summer solstice in the video below.

Last summer Eric Porter invited Seth of Seth’s Bike Hacks out for a visit to Park City, Utah, so they could test the Sync’r Carbon on the longest day of the year. Their day included a little bit of everything that makes for an awesome ride: pedaling to the top, big miles, sick descents, sweet views, a chairlift, and even a few surprises along the way.

Video by Adam Clark, @acpictures

Summer solstice ride video courtesy of Diamondback Bicycles

Although we didn’t get a chance to do the Summer solstice ride with Eric and Seth, we did get a chance to do some riding with Eric and hit some awesome trails and do some Mountain Biking in Park City, Utah! We will add this ride to our bucket list!



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