Enve Computer Mount Review

Add some bling to your cockpit with the ENVE computer mount designed for use with Garmin or WAHOO cycling computers and even your GoPro camera. If you own an ENVE road stem then you need the matching computer mount.

This is not your average computer mount! This mount is made in the USA by the experts at K-Edge, and is compatible with all available K-Edge accessory mount inserts. Made from solid aluminum which means holding lights, cameras and a computer are not an issue.

Enve Road Stem and G Series Gravel Bar
The Enve Computer Mount is compatible with Garmin and Wahoo cycling computers and puts all your ride data in the perfect spot. Shown above is the ENVE computer mountain, G Series Gravel bar and ENVE bar tape.

Why an ENVE Computer Mount?

The ENVE Computer Mount is the most seamless way to add a Garmin to cockpits using ENVE’s Road Stem. The mount is designed specifically for ENVE stems and Garmin and Wahoo computer mounts (or compatible computers). The mount attaches directly to the faceplate of the stem with two stem bolts, which are included.

Enve Computer Mount
Like ENVE’s carbon components, the computer mount is made in the U.S.A.; the only difference is this time they partnered K-Edge.

Placement of your computer will be front and center and inline with your stem. This gives extra room on the tops of your bars for climbing, bags, bells or anything else you can dream up. It even allows mounting of a GoPro camera.

Non-round road bars? Whether you are running a standard road bar, ergo bar or aero style drop bar, getting your mount on will not be a problem.

Mounting details with ENVE Road Stem
The aluminum mount simply attaches to the faceplate of the stem with two longer stem bolts, utilizing the existing faceplate. The mount can be flipped upside-down for a total of four different mounting positions but we were pretty happy with our first try.

As we mentioned above, this is is not your average computer mount!. The folks and ENVE and K-Edge have taken it up a notch. The ENVE computer mount is not cheap but is well built and worth the money. Retail price is $65.00 and available at ENVE.com.

ENVE Garmin Mount and ENVE Wahoo Mount
By changing out the insert via 2 small screws, the mount is compatible with Garmin or WAHOO cycling computers.

Garmin and Wahoo Compatibility

ENVE Garmin Mount compatibility: The stem comes ready for Garmin Edge computer mounting and no additional work is needed. The black insert is used for Garmin computers. ENVE mentions compatibility with Garmin Models: 1030, 1000, 820, 520, 510, 500, 25, 20

ENVE Wahoo Mount compatibility: The mount is also compatible with the Wahoo line of cycling computers and other computers the use the K-Edge mount. This is the blue insert and it must be installed which may take 3 minutes. It may take longer to find the right size driver on your workbench than it does to replace.



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