Kenda Alluvium Pro Gravel Tire Review

The Kenda Alluvium Pro is an all-new gravel and adventure tire that is as capable on gravel and pavement as it is on dry singletrack. While we didn’t get a chance to test the Alluvium Pro on some of the famous routes like Unbound Gravel or the Belgian Waffle Ride we have had the opportunity to run it through some midwest gravel, pothole ladened roads, and some pretty rocky and rooted singletrack.

So what makes this tire so special? The Alluvium Pro features shorter, dense center knobs designed to be durable over miles of gravel, dirt and rocks, this center pattern is paired with rather aggressive side knobs for cornering and sidewall protection. We’ll discuss this aggressive side knob a little later.

The center knobs are optimized for speed, with low profile knobs to aid in reducing rolling resistance, combined with a new single tread rubber compound, the Alluvium offers speed and grip.

The GCT casing wraps the tire from bead to bead with a secondary casing layer acting as a shield against punctures and sidewall slashes. A tubeless set is made even easier with the GCT casing.

Kenda Alluvium Pro Review
 The Kenda Alluvium Pro features a tread design optimized for speed, with low profile knobs to aid in reducing rolling resistance, combined with a new single tread rubber compound, the Alluvium offers speed and grip. 
Hunt Carbon Wheels with Kenda Tires
Don’t tell the folks at Kenda, but the Alluvium Pro works well in both directions on the rear, you know just in case you enjoy too many bourbons during the install process.
Hunt Carbon Wheels with Kenda Tires
The Alluvium Pro is offered in a gravel-specific GCT casing that offers tread and sidewall puncture protection. We rode these tires problem-free. All their Alluvium Pro tires come with a folding bead.

On Gravel and Dirt

Starting in the tire’s natural habitat, the Alluvium Pros finds itself right at home offering a stellar performance on gravel of all sizes, as well as on dry and dusty singletrack. Wanna toss in a little mud? With a little lower tire pressure, the low-profile tread holds well and the side knobs offer a little extra confidence. Take note, we said a little mud. On rockier terrain, the Alluvium Pros stay strong, as the 40mm offers plenty of volume, sucking up impacts well with minimal issue when run at softer pressures.

On the Road

Capability on the pavement is a major plus with this tire since most gravel rides always involve a little asphalt. The low-profile knobs make for a fast and responsive tire.

One thing that will take some getting use to is the transition from the low profile center knobs to the edge knobs when on the road. There is a feeling of uncertainty when cornering on asphalt but only the first few times.

Dry and tacky is where the Alluvium Pro performs at it’s best. The low profile knobs roll fast and the side knobs hook up well.
Snow? Yeah we took the Alluvium Pros out in the snow and the verdict was …. well not bad. A dusting or even up to 3/4″ of inch is doable. More than that, break out the Booster Pros

Size Matters

The Kenda Alluvium Pro is available in multiple sizes but the Coffee Sidewall Edition (which looks killer) is only available in 700x40c. While this may seem like a bummer, Kenda picked a great size to run with, even though our test tires ran closer to 42mm, we had no complaints. The 40mm tire offers some serious volume for sucking up some of the roughest gravel and root ladened singletrack. For a rider that hits about 172 lbs, the tires performed great at 32 psi front and 33 rear. When the rides were mostly road or smoother surfaces, those pressures went up slightly.


700X45C (40-622)


700X40C (40-622)


700X35C (35-622)


Our overall thoughts are the Alluvium Pro performs rather well, being both a fast and grippy tire for gravel adventures and highly capable on the road and even on some light singletrack. There is no doubt they struggle a little in the mud and looking at them you’ll see why, but the way they perform on dusty dry tracks and rough, rocky trails more than makes up for it. For more muddy conditions, you might want to look at their Booster Pro.

The Alluvium Pros were tested in a pair of Hunt 30 Carbon gravel wheels.

You can snag a pair of Kenda Alluvium Pros for $64.99 each and they are available online at, and in select local bike shops.

Kenda Gravel Tires with Orange Seal
We tested the Kenda Alluvium Pro and other Kenda tires with Orange Seal tire sealant.


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