Leadville Trail 100 MTB and SBT GRVL Partner to Create the LeadBoat Challenge

Back-to-back races poised to be the most vigorous ultra-endurance challenge of 2020

The Leadboat Challenge, created from two iconic events, the legendary Stages Cycling Leadville Trail 100 MTB and the renowned SBT GRVL p/b Canyon, today announced the ultimate challenge of 2020: the LeadBoat Challenge, racing the Leadville Trail 100 MTB followed by SBT GRVL BLACK, two arduous endurance races taking place in the Rocky Mountains on the same weekend. Completing either of these races is an accomplishment in and of itself. To become a LeadBoat Legend, the cyclist must prepare for back-to-back events, completing a 106-mile mountain bike race less than 24 hours before beginning a 144-mile gravel race. Each race requires a different bike and a different skill set.

The partnership is indicative of the off-road cycling community’s welcoming nature, with race organizers on both ends quickly joining forces to create the ultimate challenge for athletes across disciplines, one in which they’ll reach outside of their comfort zones to discover what they are capable of. During the selection process, applications for entry into the challenge will be reviewed with credentials including riders’ motivating factors, proudest accomplishments, past experiences in ultra-endurance events and parity. As both parties continue to advocate for more equal representation on the start line in cycling events, participation in the LeadBoat challenge will be equal parts male and female.

LeadBoat Challenge
After spending 106 miles on a mountain bike, athletes can turn around and 144 miles on gravel. Photo courtesy of SBT Gravel

Kimo Seymour, President of Events and Media at Life Time, spoke to the partnership by saying, “We believe that this is an incredible opportunity to offer to a few hearty, passionate souls. We collaborated with SBT GRVL and thought, ‘why not’? Two amazing events, one incredible challenge. At Life Time, we love providing great event experiences, and joining forces with SBT GRVL allows us to do that in 2020.”

Amy Charity, Partner at SBT GRVL says of the LeadBoat Challenge, “We’re excited to partner with Life Time to offer this unique challenge. LeadBoat is not just for elite cyclists, but for anyone who wants to test the limits of their endurance while tapping into different skill sets on the bike. It’s about the journey of how these athletes prepare for back-to-back races, the camaraderie among the participants and the experience of doing something that most think is not possible.”

Limited to 40 slots, but parity-dependent, any participant willing to take on the 250-mile test of endurance can apply for the LeadBoat Challenge during a one-week window beginning Nov. 18 and closing Nov. 25. Race organizers will review applications and notify all applicants of their status on Nov. 29. The cost is $700.00. Registration will be available on the LeadBoat Challenge website which is set to launch at 6 a.m. on Nov 18 at www.leadvilleraceseries.com/mtb/2020-leadboat-challenge/.

Notable riders confirmed to participate in the Leadboat Challenge include:

  • Peter Stetina
  • Laurens ten Dam
  • Alison Tetrick
  • Amity Rockwell
  • Payson McElveen
  • Lachlan Morton
  • Kaysee Armstrong
  • Jake Wells
  • Yuri Hauswald
  • Kristen Legan
  • Kristi Mohn
  • Gabbi Adams

LeadBoat Challenge on Social Media

Those who wish to document their experience on social media are encouraged to use the hashtag #LeadBoatChallenge. More information about the Leadville Trail 100 MTB can be found at www.leadvilleraceseries.com. For more information on SBT GRVL, visit www.sbtgrvl.com.

About the Leadville Race Series

Started with only 45 runners as the Leadville Trail 100 in 1983, the Leadville Race Series now consists of seven running events and four mountain biking events, plus six events in the Leadville Qualifying Series. The Race Series stretches across three months, and hosts thousands of racers on foot and on mountain bike in some of the world’s most iconic events. Endurance athletes worldwide now make the pilgrimage to Leadville, Colo., with the single goal of competing in “The Race Across the Sky.” The series is owned and produced by Life Time and is among more than 30 premier athletic events owned by the company, including the New York City Triathlon, the Chicago Triathlon, the Miami Marathon and the Dirty Kanza.


SBT GRVL launched in August 2019 as a world-class gravel bike experience committed to Beauty, Inclusivity, Family, Challenge and Fun. The event enables gravel fans of all ability levels to experience the unmatched gravel roads winding around and through the iconic, beautiful mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colo. Riders are invited to push their abilities on four course distances ranging from 37 miles to 144 miles. Those seeking the ultimate challenge can saddle up to 9,000 feet of climbing on the BLACK 144-mile race course, which has become a highly sought-after title for endurance gravel pros. The BLUE course is a ‘best-of-Steamboat’ experience wrapped up in 103 miles, the new RED course is the go to route for a solid day on the bike and the GREEN course is a 37-mile introduction to the area’s unrivaled gravel roads. Experience high-altitude gravel, a weekend full of events for the whole family and ranch-town hospitality at SBT GRVL.



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