Saucony Gives Tribute to Moms

Saucony Gives Tribute to Moms This Mother’s Day with Brand Film: ‘The Marathon That Never Ends’. Featuring real moms, Saucony captures the authentic, challenging and often messy view of pandemic mothering.

Global performance running lifestyle brand Saucony has announced today the launch of a new film in honor of Mother’s Day, which helps to raise awareness of the disproportionate burnout of mothers, an issue that has intensified since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In its new creative video, The Marathon That Never Ends, Saucony draws parallels between marathon running and motherhood, paying homage to all the moms who went the extra miles this past year with an undefined finish line. The film explains how during the pandemic year, working moms in particular have faced more challenges and are bearing the brunt of childcare, housework and home-schooling.

According to a proprietary study conducted by Saucony’s Consumer Insight Team, the pandemic has impacted moms in unique and dire ways, changing their view of the world and pushing them to their limits. And while some moms are thriving, most are just surviving, with 57% reporting their well-being has gotten worse since the start of the pandemic; 89% saying they are somewhat extremely burned out; and 77% acknowledging that their mental health has been the top contributor to burnout.

“As a working mother myself, I know how tough it has been for parents, in particular moms, as the impact of this global pandemic continues to affect everyone’s lives,” said Anne Cavassa, president of Saucony. “Being a mother, especially now, is like running a never-ending marathon. Emotional, excruciating and exhausting, mothers are hitting the pandemic wall, with most feeling the mental and physical symptoms of a maxed-out life. Through this film, we hope to raise awareness for the unique struggles that women continue to endure while celebrating their strength, love for family, and undeniable hope for a finish line filled with joy and triumph.”

Partnering with director Quinn Katherman and Hummingbird Content Studio, Saucony featured real moms in the video’s creation, capturing the authentic, challenging and often messy view of mothering during the pandemic.

“No one is telling the real story about what moms have been through the past year,” said Katherman. “The truth is that even when we’re not actually running, as moms we are running nonstop. I know this because I do more running at home than anywhere else, and the real mothers featured in this spot do as well. It was incredible to work with a powerful team of moms to bring this to life. We were pumping between and during takes, fielding kid meltdowns and bringing as much of daily life to the screen as possible. I’m so glad that Saucony wanted to tell this story and I hope that the moms that see this feel seen this Mother’s Day.”

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