Rio Inspired Cycling Road Kit

A taste of the Rio Olympics on your favorite road kit

You don’t have to experience customs and travel nightmares this summer to get a dose of Brazilian culture. You do have to shell out a few bucks though.


Art meets performance. As part of an Olympics celebration, Smith has collaborated with Brazilian street artists Bicicleta Sem Freio (translated, Bicycle with No Brakes) to work up limited-edition graphics for its Overtake road helmet, as well as the PivLock and Lowdown shades. Inspired by athletes’ own personal photos of crossing finish-lines and standing on podiums, the crew brings together symbols of Brasil and moments of triumph into a single, colorful piece of art.

This art is blended with Smith’s performance innovations, Aerocore™ Construction featuring Koroyd® and ChromaPop™, and debuts as an exclusive collection for our summer athletes competing on the world’s biggest stage.

Like the Games, these special editions will only be around for a short time, so don’t sleep.

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