Tepui White Lightning Hard Shell Tent

Rooftop tents offer some of the simplicity of an RV (just park, fold down a ladder, and sleep) for a fraction of the cost. They also give you the ability to just about sleep anywhere.

Tepui White Lightning Hard Shell
The Tepui White Lightning Hard Shell offers a quick setup, comfy sleeping with a 4″ mattress while storing your gear out of harms way.

And the new hard-shell White Lightning from Tepui is on of the coolest out there, priciest as well.. Two fiberglass panels open in just seconds to create a two-person tent that includes a plush 2.5-inch mattress and miles of ventilation. When closed, it’s just eight inches tall. The tent itself fits on any car or truck bars.

Sleep about anywhere, no snakes, no critters, no wet ground and not a ton of crap in the back of your car. Overall not a bad way to travel.

It also comes with its own rails so you can mount bikes and boats on top, then keep them there even when the shelter’s set up. So if anyone wants to mess with your gear at night, they literally will have to go over you. Load capacity of the Rack ReadyTM side bars is 150 lbs. and you can keep  your gear on top of the roof while the tent is open or closed.


  • 8″ ultra low profile
  • interchangeable struts
  • load capacity of 150 lbs
  • 2 1/2″ high density foam mattress
  • adjustable ladder
  • fiberglass composite construction

Retail: $3,800 • www.tepuitents.com



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