Torch Socks from Showers Pass

Designed for cyclists, but very suitable for running, evening hikes and more, the Torch socks from Showers Pass are constructed from a blend of merino wool, acrylic, polyester, nylon and Lycra. The company designed these socks to provide the ideal amount of breathability, stretch, durability and compression. We have had the opportunity to test them in both warm and wet weather, and personally I was pretty impressed with the breathability.

torch-socks The combination of Merino and synthetic fabrics in theory should provide excellent temperature regulation, so while they’ll keep your feet warm or cool they will also breathe to prevent overheating and excessive perspiration. Merino wool also naturally helps reduce odor, which is never a bad thing with athletic socks!

The socks feature a few specific cuts and materials for athletic use, such as extra padding in the heel and toe zones for durability, and a thinner panel on top for a slim fit in running or cycling shoes. Personally I would prefer a thinner heal and toe as well, but that is a personal preference. The extra padding will definitely increase the wearability in these areas.

According to Showers Pass, the 3M Scotchlight reflective heat transfer is much brighter and also more durable then screen-printer reflective ink. After numerous rides, runs and even mowing the yard the reflective heat transfer seems to hold up well. Of course these get tossed in the dryer.

The reflective transfer is a little bigger then a quarter, about 1 1/2″ inches in diameter. It would be great to see a little more reflective coverage, maybe a stripe up the back of the sock.

Overall, this is a great sock that can be a very multipurpose sock and will perform on the bike, the trail or even a night out on the town. Actually I am guessing you could get away with wearing them at the office as well.  Showers Pass offers free shipping and returns on all purchases. I’m thinking they won’t return your used socks, but you can give a pair a try without having to pay for shipping and sales tax. Not a bad deal.

The ankle-height Torch socks retail for $15.95, and the crew height style sells for $17.95, available at Showers Pass offers sizes S/M, M/L and L/XL that cover men’s and women’s US shoe sizes 6-13. They are available in White, Charcoal, Black and Bordeaux Red.

Technical Facts:

  • Highly reflective 3M 4-way stretch logo above Achilles provides night time visibility when wearing cycling shoes or tennis shoes.
  • Compression pattern on arch and Achilles
  • Zone padded for toe, heel, balls of feet for durability and comfort
  • Comfortable top band adds comfort, feel, and keeps the sock in place
  • Flexible tongue zone minimizes fabric at the top of foot for flexibility
  • Extra-flat toe seam stops pressure points
  • Nylon components dry quickly, breathe well, and add extra durability
  • Soft merino wool breathes well, helps regulate body temperature, and is naturally odor resistant
  • Heat and moisture management keeps your feet cool, dry and comfortable




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