ENVE G Series Gravel Handlebar Review

The ENVE G Series Gravel handlebar was one of the first gravel-specific bars on the market unless you count John Stamstad’s bar off of his old Bridgestone from back in the day. A purpose-built carbon drop bar specifically designed to improve the off-road drop bar ride experience.

The new handlebar is part of the U.S. company’s increased push into this market, along with its recent G Series wheels and extensive sponsorship of numerous gravel events.

Costing roughly the price of my first car at $350, the new ENVE G Series Gravel handlebar is a serious investment, but it’s super light and designed to offer more compliance than most other carbon handlebars. Its flared shape offers increased handling in rough terrain. It takes some getting use to, but my guess is, you’ll begin to love the shape of this bar, it’s certainly well-suited to the new generation of gravel and adventure bikes.

Who Is the Bar Designed For?

Whether it’s descending the steep and technical grades of your favorite double track, finding more comfortable hand positions during the 200 mile slog across Kansas at the Dirty Kanza, or adventure riding in your own backyard, this full carbon handlebar provides performance driven gravel riders with the options, comfort and control they need to grind gravel with confidence.

ENVE G Series Gravel Bar and Enve Road Stem
The only round part on the bar is where the stem clamps, the rest of the bar is 100% ergonomically designed. Featured above is the ENVE G Series Gravel bar with their road stem and tape. Later we purchased the ENVE computer mount that integrates with their stem.

What Is All the Flare About?

Flare drop handlebars have been growing with the increase in adventure and gravel riding and the support of major companies. The idea, although it’s not new, is to provide a wider effective handlebar when you’re in the drops for more control when riding the rough stuff, whether loose gravel tracks, singletrack or technical descents.

The degree of flare varies from brand to brand. This bar measures 12 cm wider in the drops than the hood center-to-center measurement. The extra width when riding solo is not a big deal, but we careful when trying to get position in a pack of riders.

ENVE G Series Gravel Bar from the riders point of view
Our 44 cm handlebar on review and it measures 56 cm in the drops. The bar is also offered in 42, 46 and 48cm (measured hoods center-to-center) to fit riders of all sizes.

What Do We Think About the ENVE G Series Bar?

Positioning on the G Series bar is set up really nice. ENVE did a great job that delivers five hand positions for long days in the saddle that range from “chill” to get down and push some major watts on the flared drops. Think of it as party up top and business on the bottom.

The tops of the bar feature a TIGHT bend leading to the hoods, which leads to riders having two hand positions up top. One a little narrower, think index finger and thumb near where the tape ends, and the other out near the radius just shy of the hoods. I took a real liking to resting my hands on the top radius when just chillin and pedaling.

ENVE G Series Gravel Bar
I took a real liking to resting my hands on the top radius when just chillin and pedaling.

Riding on the hoods is just like any other bar, on the road you have the ability to lower your arms and anchor your hands against the hoods for a reasonably aero position when the going isn’t to rough.

When the G Series showed up, I was initially worried that the hoods were going to be some funky angle that was going to be awkward, but that is not the case. The bar is 90-degree to the horizontal where hoods clamp. This is also where the bar is measured.

The drops are set up more like a compact road with a 120 mm drop and an 80 mm reach, so you’re getting down into a somewhat aero position but not stretched out like on a road bike. This helps keep your body a little more balanced over the cranks and rear wheel which is nice on rougher roads and ruts. The flare takes a little getting use to but after a few rides I was digging it, especially on rougher roads.

Donnelly SRAM Force AXS and ENVE G Series Gravel Bar
The tops of the bar feature a tight bend leading to the hoods which leads to riders having two hand positions up top. I took a real liking to resting my hands on the top radius when just chillin and pedaling.

The ENVE G Series Gravel Bar retails for $350 and is available at enve.com or your local retailer.

G Series Product Specs

MaterialCarbon Fiber
Weight246g, 261g, 271g, 281g
Width C to C in Hoods42 cm, 44 cm, 46 cm, 48 cm
Width C to C in Drops54 cm, 56 cm, 58 cm, 60 cm
Clamp Diameter31.8mm
Torque Spec: Face Plate5.5Nm
Torque Spec: Controls6Nm-8Nm
ENVE G Series Gravel Bar
The G Series Handlebar is available in widths ranging from 42 cm to 48 cm measured center-to-center at the hoods.

Why ENVE Made the G Series Gravel Handlebar

Similar to our gravel wheels – ENVE saw a need in the gravel world for a carbon gravel handlebar that didn’t exist. From experience riding and racing in gravel ENVE felt the right amount of flare in the drops can provide more control and confidence in nearly every situation where riding in the drops is preferred. From their experience riding mountain bikes they know that wide handlebars also improve control and confidence.

Our experience riding road bikes and developing road handlebars for world tour road racers has helped us create a gravel handlebar that is ergonomically comfortable for long hours in the saddle. The G Series Handlebar was made because we ride, and as riders, we know what makes for a better gravel ride experience.

The ENVE G Series Gravel bar was tested on our Donnelly C//C gravel bike.



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