Primus Alika Stove | 2 Burner Camp Stove

Primus Alika Stove Review

This streamlined 2 burner stove was developed to take “social” cooking outdoors to the next level. Inspired by campfires and the way that they draw people in, a 360˚ gathering spot, and a place to connect over drinks and a steaming plate of food. The Alike does all of this and more.

Designed with a removable lid, the stove allows access on all sides of the stove to cook and interact. Personally, I don’t like anyone around when I’m cooking, but it is still nice to have the option to access the stove from multiple sides.

The lid with oak laths can then double as a hot plate for pans that need a place to rest after they are removed from the stove. The generous cooking space allows for “more” – larger pots, bigger pans and additional chefs.

Primus Alika Camp Stove

Two unique burners provide different flame options, one wide and one narrow, both with precise flame control that covers the needs for all styles of cooking. Integrated windscreens lock in place to help control the consistency of the flame.

The sleek die-cast aluminum body, oak laths and brass details upgrade the look of any campsite and will hold up to many years of use. The internal pot supports and drip tray are removable for easy cleaning. When storing, simply lock closed – this slim-profile stove can be stashed almost anywhere.

The Primus Alika stove is not cheap and retails for $275, but overall we’ll been very happy with it. Available at

Primus Campfire Table Review

The Primus Campfire Table is the perfect traveling table that allows 4 people to gather around to eat, play cards or just hang out. This table is perfect for a variety of outdoor settings, from camping, tailgating, trailhead hang out, or even an extra table space in the backyard.

Primus Campfire Table Review

Always have an elevated workspace available at a minute’s notice. This durable and lightweight tabletop is a great addition to any outdoor hangout. Use this compact table to raise your stove off the ground, prep a meal, or serve from. Place four Campfire stools around and you have a separate camp kitchen table.

When you are done, simply fold up the tabletop, collapse the legs and stash in the storage sack included.

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